Tomorrow the MN state fair opens.  Both my kiddos (and I) entered items in the fair.  The kids entered in the Education building so they are judged by grade level which is great because kids as young as Gwyn (who have just finished kindergarten) can enter.

She entered her embroidered hedgehog.  She was so proud of it and I think for 6 yrs old, she did an amazing job.  It’s her first attempt at embroidery.  She’s done some hand stitching before, but just stitching a pillow closed and sewing on buttons.


hedgehog by Gwyn

The kit for the cute hedgehog is from Penguin and Fish.


hedgehog by Gwyn

She is so excited to find out if she won anything.  Although I think I’m way more excited for her (and Connor).  I’ll keep you posted.


hedgehog by Gwyn

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