New Year, New Goals


It’s 2015!  The start of a new year and a blank slate or blank calendar in this case. (Thanks Mom, for the pretty desk calendar!)  I love the prospect of a new year and all that it will hold. I have quite a list of goals this year and I thought I would share some of them with you!


* Keep my house cleaner / less cluttered.

(And get the kids to keep their rooms cleaner too).

I’ve been assured by my friends that my house is always clean and picked up, but they don’t see it all the time. I don’t want to have to do frantic cleaning (you know what I mean, running around the house when someone calls to say they’re going to drop by or spend a few days cleaning after I’ve neglected it for a week). I want to be able to have anyone drop in and not feel the need to apologize for the state of my house.  — This also applies to my sewing studio (which will be harder to do, but not impossible).


*Eat less / Exercise More / Be Healthier

This always seems to be on my list. Every year.

Last summer we took a huge step and gave up added sugar (and as always no artificial sweeteners) and all wheat. The sugar was interesting to see what it was in – it’s added to everything (as is wheat).  It was hardest on the kids – especially wheat. They ask for bread at the store, not candy now. We avoided GF bread / pasta products too.  We didn’t do a particular “diet”, we just wanted to cut those out in order to choose healthier options, like more fruits and veg and lean protein. If bread is in the house that’s all my kids want to eat.

Over Christmas, both have crept back in. (You can see that in my IG feed). I think we’ll bring back a small amount of (homemade) bread – maybe once a week, but keep the sugar out. Everything with sugar tastes too sweet now anyway, so I don’t miss it. But I do miss good bread!

We already make almost all of our food. Very little is ready-to-go meals. And we very, very rarely eat out. The only time fast food is allowed is on vacation (and only once or twice). Typically the fast food stops happen on the 10+ hr driving days to get to our vacation destination.  The kids are very well behaved on those days.

I  want to start making more soups and freezing individual portions to use instead of canned soup for lunches. I love making soup. I often do for dinner, but it all gets eaten up and there’s not much for leftovers.

Also, no snacking at the computer. This will help a lot.


* Read a new book every 3 months.

This may not seem like a good goal, but it is for me. I like to read, but I get sucked in and I do almost nothing else until I’m done. I need to space out my books and not overdo it or I wouldn’t accomplish any of my other goals.


*Sew or do some handwork for FUN every day.

Even if it’s only for 10 min! Including vacation. I find myself often ignoring fun projects to work on patterns, magazine projects, etc. I need down time too.


* Release a new pattern every month!

That’s at least 12 this new year. It may not seem like much, but each one takes a lot of work! – And I have so many ideas I want to make happen.


* Go to Quilt Market!

Quilt Market is coming back to Minneapolis this spring (my home town) and I want to go and get my work out there and let more people see it!


* Blog at least once a week (or maybe twice)

And start back up on my Sewing 101 series that got left behind in early 2014.


*Start making kids’ clothing patterns

I have been on the verge of doing this for a while. It’s time to take the plunge.


* Make at least 12 quilts this year!

Some my design, some for fun, and one for my parent’s to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this year! (Shh! Don’t tell my Mom! It’s going to be a surprise.)


* Hand quilt a quilt

I already have one in mind for this. Not expecting to finish in 2015 (because it’s queen sized), but I’d like to get a good start on it at least. This would be my first hand quilting project.


* Build a small stash of handmade gifts.

Too often I find myself scrambling to make a hand made gift for someone’s birthday or as a hostess gift. I’d really like to start building a small stash of hand made gifts (zip pouches, small quilted pillows, hand knit dish cloths, etc…) to pick from as needed.


And the biggest goal…..

* Sew my stash!

In 2015, I want to reduce my stash significantly. No buying new fabric. (This will be very hard.  I wonder how long I’ll last). The goal is to use what I have and not buy new stuff. I have some absolutely beautiful fabric in my stash just sitting there and some not so pretty, “what was I thinking” fabric, I’m embarrassed to show you.

Of course there are a few exceptions: thread, batting and notions only when needed to finish a project in progress and solid cottons (Kona) – needed to mix in and blend with existing fabrics — only when currently working on said project and no extra. Only buy what I need.

This also includes yarn. I have a pretty good yarn stash for an occasional knitter. I have 4 current knitting projects to finish and I will finish them in 2015 and maybe a few more.


I’ve got a busy year ahead of me, but I’m so excited to start!


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