Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairRainbow Scrappy Diamond Affair

I was pretty excited to finish this scrappy version of my Diamond Affair pattern. I have wanted to make some sort of rainbow quilt for some time.

Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairRainbow Scrappy Diamond Affair

It was really fun and a bit of a challenge to go through all of my stash. I picked only fabrics that were predominantly the main color (red, orange, yellow, green or blue) which had either white added or a small amount of another color. I found that I had an alarmingly small amount of purple and yellow fabrics. I may have had to do a little shopping. 😉

Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairThe pattern is my own Diamond Affair pattern sewn using all of the template pieces. In the Diamond Affair pattern, this is the scrap option. I’m pretty excited to how it turned out.

Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairI quilted this with diagonal organic lines about 1/8″ to 1/4″ apart using Aurifil thread colors which matched the corresponding fabric color. The colors I used are: 2270 (red), 2214 (orange), 2134 (yellow), 1231 (green), 2725 (blue), 6733 (violet) and 2021 for piecing.

The dense quilting on the diagonal slightly warped the quilt (lesson learned) and I had to square up the quilt and hence the red and purple sections were trimmed quite a bit. It worked out in the end.

Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairI also left the border off this version and matched the binding to the color of the quilt as it goes around.

Rainbow Scrappy Diamond AffairBefore I was even done with it, it became one of my kids’ favorites. Now that it’s done it’s always in use.


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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I feel my biggest challenge would be selecting the fabrics to use. I always think I have a lot of variety in my stash, but I never seem to,have the right things! I end up,buying new fabrics in many cases. I would
    Be t tackle this quilt but am not sure about it being too challenging.

    • You should give it a try! I bet you could make something amazing with what’s in your stash!

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