Star of the NorthThe Minnesota Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG) had a challenge to make a MN Inspiration quilt – something about MN with a modern twist. My inspiration was the state motto: “L’etoile du nord” which is french for “star of the north”.

I wanted to do a whole cloth quilt (it’s a mini) and to use the thread to make a striking effect. The small stars are quilted on as well. The inspiration was the night sky and the center large star is the north star and it’s light forms the state of Minnesota.

Star of the North

To make this I printed a picture of MN from Google maps and resized it to what I wanted. I used that as a template and using a fine chalk pen, outlined the state and the star shape (which I also drew on the computer and made it symmetric). Then in a contrast color, I basted along the edge of the state and the star. Then using a straight edge I marked one line at a time from the edge of the state to the star in the center and started stitching. The quilting is denser next to the start and moves outward to represent the light from the star emanating outward to make the shape of the state.

For this I used Aurifil 12 wt in a gold color (2132). It was really fun stitching with this thread it has quite the impact – especially on such a dark background. The background fabric is Kona in Nightfall. I made the binding the same color as the background as well.

Finished size is 20″ w x 24″ h.


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  1. Wow! This is amazing. What a creative idea. I can only imagine how long it took you to do this. While I do enjoy hand work, I think my patience just might wear very, very thin before I could complete it. I think your choice for the binding is perfect. If you had chosen a gold, it would have drawn the eye away from the quilt. The smaller stars, however, do not draw away from the large star; they give the appearance of being in the sky. Great job! Glad I found you. I’m glad I didn’t have a challenge for something like that for my home state of West Virginia. There is very little straight line to the borders and it is wavy, wavy, wavy like the roads. lol Also, the state motto is “Montani semper liberi” – Mountaineers are always free. I don’t think this would be very adaptable to that state. Very great job for Minnesota.

  2. Brilliant idea, beautifully executed! Saw this on FB and had to come over for a closer look! Fabulous in every way!

  3. I love the stars that surround your state. Very unique ! Soon we will be seeing others making their states, (see what you started ! (LOL) Really lovely job on it

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