Like many of you, I have been cleaning and purging my house via the KonMari method -holding onto what brings us joy and letting go of what doesn’t. For me that’s also about finding creative ways to store those items most precious to us – even when those precious items are your 11-yr-olds and not yours.

I love a good organizer – my kids seem to as well. đŸ™‚ I made this Divided Basket for my son out of the remaining bit of fabric I had that I once used to make his first backpack. (You can see that HERE). That backpack has seen better days. I am secretly hoping he will part with what is left of it when he sees this basket.

I’m also very curious to see what he will store/organize in this bin.

I just love the pockets in front!

There may be more of these in my future!


  • Pattern: Divided Basket by Anna Graham of Noodlehead
  • Fabrics: Echino Cars in Turquoise and Lime Green linen

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