“I am groot.”

I have been trying to get better at my crocheting skills –  mostly because it was a skill I had lost. As a child, I was taught both knitting and crocheting by my grandmother. Knitting stuck. Crocheting didn’t. I still enjoy knitting over crocheting, but it is a useful skill to have – especially when your ten-year-old (and maybe me too) falls in love with baby groot from Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

I found this pattern for a baby Groot from KiwiCrochets. It turns out exactly as pictured and is so easy (that is saying a lot coming from someone who has crocheted a total of three – yes only three –  items EVER!!!!)

Groot has adorable little twigs/branches growing off his head. And cute little leaves here and there…

and everywhere.

And adorable little fingers. (Mine is double jointed! hahaha)

And an adorable face with a little smile that I made from embroidery floss.

“I am groot.”



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