Tartan Dress shirt

| Apparel, For Kids, Holidays

For Easter, I made Connor a short-sleeved dress shirt.  He really liked it.  The weather finally is warming up so we could take some nice pictures outside!  (Yay!) And all the snow is gone (again)! Yay! For this shirt I used Simplicity Pattern 4760.  I had to do a bit of fudge work to make […] Read more…

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Adding a Faux Fur Collar – a tutorial

| Apparel, Tutorial

This is a re-post of a tutorial I did last month for Pellon. Adding a quick faux fur collar to a plain t-shirt or blouse can make any shirt ready to wear to a party.  It is a very simple and quick project. This tutorial uses a child’s size t-shirt, but this can be used […] Read more…


Just in Time

| Accessories, Apparel, Yarn Love

Yesterday we had our first little snowfall of the season.  I finished knitting this hat just in time for the arrival of the snow.  (Too bad the hat’s not for me.) I had this crazy idea (after chatting with a friend) to try to save money at Christmas this year by making all of our […] Read more…


That Girl from Brave

| Apparel, For Kids, Holidays

Gwyneth was very excited to dress as Merida this Halloween. I finished the costume a few days before, but we didn’t get her all dressed up until right before trick-or-treating. Like the Harry Potter costume, it just wouldn’t be complete without crazy colored hair spray.  She really liked how her hair transformed to be just […] Read more…


Gryffindor House

| Apparel, For Kids, Holidays

Connor has started reading the Harry Potter books.  I’ve been really excited about this – not just because I enjoyed all of the books myself, but these are the first books he’s reading that are long (and without pictures).  After we read the first book together (out loud) he declaired that “books without pictures can […] Read more…

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