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Last Minute Boy Gift

| Bags, Totes and Zips, For Kids

My kids are getting to the age where they’re being invited to a lot of birthday parties.  Here’s a last minute gift I made for neighbor’s son – a great zippered pouch perfect for holding any treasure. I filled this one with a few cars and some candy.  He seemed to like it. I didn’t […] Read more…


Pleated Clutch

| Bags, Totes and Zips

I’ve had this idea for a pleated clutch in my head for a while.  I thought that Lemon Squeezy Home‘s Purse Week was a great reason to try it out.  I think it needs a little work, but it looks pretty good for a first attempt. I made the clutch with an imitation leather (vinyl).  […] Read more…


The S2 Bag Tutorial

| Bags, Totes and Zips, Tutorial

Meet the S2.   The idea for the S2 bag has been mulling around in my head for a while.  It’s a very simple bag with one strap that crosses the bag (front to back).  It’s functional and easy to make and can be sewn up quickly.  So here it is. Jump to the end […] Read more…

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