Simple T-shirt Dress

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Yesterday I posted a “patchwork princess” dress.  Today, I’ll show you how to make one.  I didn’t actually take any pictures when I made it, so I made another one this morning — very simple. The fabric I used on the patchwork princess dress was already pieced together.  You could do that to by piecing […] Read more…


A Patchwork Princess

| Apparel, For Kids, Techniques, Tutorial

I threw together this dress for Gwyneth the other day.  It was super easy to make.  I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow. The tiara was just a hand sketch onto some freezer paper. The patchwork fabric was already pieced together when I bought it – which made this even simpler.  I loved the color combination and […] Read more…


Sweet Little T-Shirt Appliques

| Apparel, Techniques, Tutorial

I love embellishing little t-shirts for my kids.  It’s great when they’re a light color and easy to add to it with a little freezer paper and paint.  But sometimes you want to add a little something to a dark shirt.  So here’s how I do it! You’ll need a t-shirt (I picked up mine […] Read more…


Conversation Heart Banner

| For the home, Holidays, Tutorial

As a kid, one of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day was getting a little box of Conversation Heart candies.  I loved them!  (I still do, but roses and chocolates are also nice!) Here’s a simple Conversation Heart banner for Valentine’s Day. What you’ll need: Felt sheets Embroidery thread Embroidery needle Ribbon for hanging Sewing […] Read more…


Go Crazy!

| For Kids, Tutorial

Yesterday the kiddos and I sat down to make some crazy crayons. (Well, it started out as all of us, but it quickly became just me — go figure they wanted to play in their “fort” made of couch cushions rather than make crayons.)  Well I had fun. If you’ve never made crazy crayons, you […] Read more…

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