Adding Grommets

| Techniques, Tutorial

Adding grommets to your sewing can be a simple way to add style to a project.  They can also add function (to hold a strap for a bag, for example) while doing it in a unique way.  There are two types of grommets: metal grommets (my favorite) and there are also so snap-on plastic ones.  […] Read more…


Recovering a Chair

| For the home, Tutorial

We have two folding chairs that sit in our (my husband’s and mine, that is) office.  He sits at his computer with one – me at my sewing machine or serger with the other.  They’re functional, but they were in need of new padding and covers.  Recovering a chair is very simple and I thought […] Read more…


Braille Art

| For the home, Tutorial

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday.  I wanted to make something for him that was a little different than my usual presents for him.  I won’t deny that the events of 9/11 were on my mind yesterday when I started working on this.  I had rummaged through some old maps and came across this one of […] Read more…


Comic Book Art

| For Kids, For the home, Tutorial

This little project was totally inspired by Connor.  After all, when your six-year-old starts cutting up a comic book to save his favorite pictures, what else is there to do but turn it into something cool. This is a really quick project that you can easily get your kids involved in.   It’s a great upcycling […] Read more…

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