violin accessories

I’ve been home with the kids all summer.  Trying to find that balance where I get things done and make sure they don’t sneak off and watch TV or play video games all day can be difficult.  But of course, that’s also one of the perks of being at home — it’s to be here for them 24/7.

Well, staying up super late tends to help.  Last night I was up late working on a few projects.  I managed to cross a few things off my list.

violin accessories

My 9-yr old just started violin at camp and in a sea of instrument cases that all look the same, I made a small cover for the handle to make his stand out.  I just used a bit of this cute robot fabric from Kokka.


violin accessories

It just Velcros on so it’s easy to take off and clean if it needs it.


violin accessories

Along with that, I made a small coin pouch out of the same fabric.


violin accessories

He’ll be at orchestra camp for three weeks for part of the day and of course he’ll need money to buy snacks.  So the little matching zippy pouch will hold money for his treats.

So I guess the secret to this balance of work/stay-at-home mom is to stay up really late and sew/work, but I haven’t quite figured out when I’ll sleep.


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1 Comment on Some late night sewing fun

  1. I love this! What a great idea. I play the violin too. Would love to make a cute one out of chevron fabric for my case!

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