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A Halloween Post

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  I’m sure I’m not the only one who made an Elsa dress this last Halloween, but I probably am the only one posting about it in December. 😉  I’m sneaking in one last post before the new year.  At least it’s still 2014 here. I’ve been seriously neglecting the blog. I spent almost a […] Read more…


Strawberry Pillow

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  I found something growing in the yard.   Na, just kidding. It’s a strawberry pillow.  Isn’t it super cute? The instructions for this pillow are on the Purl Bee.  I only made the one pillow (the instructions make two) and had to make a few changes because I was a little short on the […] Read more…


A little t-shirt for a not so little boy

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School started yesterday!  WooHoo! – 6.5 hrs of uninterrupted sewing/designing time every day.  It’s like Christmas, only better.  (The kiddos were also very excited for school to start again.) This year Connor starts 4th grade!  Where has the time gone?  He is now gaining on me rapidly in height.  His feet are almost as big […] Read more…

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Halloween treat bags

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I’m so excited to finally share these Halloween treat bags with you!   The tutorial for these bags can be found in the Sept/Oct 2014 Issue (#7) of Pretty Patches.  (See it on the cover in the top right?)   These are so simple to make!  I had way too much fun with them.  My […] Read more…

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A cute little hedgehog

| Embroidery, For Kids

Tomorrow the MN state fair opens.  Both my kiddos (and I) entered items in the fair.  The kids entered in the Education building so they are judged by grade level which is great because kids as young as Gwyn (who have just finished kindergarten) can enter. She entered her embroidered hedgehog.  She was so proud […] Read more…

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