First Aid Zip Pouch

| Bags, Totes and Zips, Tutorial

  Summer is here and we are going to the park a lot.  Now that the snow is gone and the weather is nice, skinned knees are bound to happen.  This handy little First Aid Zip Pouch holds everything we need and goes with us everywhere.   It is a great little project to use […] Read more…


Sewing 101: Sew a perfect corner

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

Once you’ve mastered sewing a straight line, learning how to sew a perfect corner is the next step.  It’s really easy. Sew along your fabric and stop the same distance as your seam allowance away from the edge.  Here I was using a 1/4″ seam so I stopped 1/4″ from the end.  Make sure your […] Read more…

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Sewing 101: Sew a straight line

| Sewing 101, Techniques, Tutorial

Sewing straight lines is crucial for making your projects look professional.  It’s an important first step to master and it is much easier than you think.   First off, let’s talk about what a seam allowance is.  A seam allowance is the distance your pattern gives from the edge of your fabric to where the […] Read more…

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