Sweet Little T-Shirt Appliques

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I love embellishing little t-shirts for my kids.  It’s great when they’re a light color and easy to add to it with a little freezer paper and paint.  But sometimes you want to add a little something to a dark shirt.  So here’s how I do it! You’ll need a t-shirt (I picked up mine […] Read more…


Freezer Paper 101

| Techniques, Tutorial

A lot of you have asked me about a freezer paper tutorial, so here it is.  Using freezer paper to paint images on clothing is an easy, inexpensive way to spice up a plain shirt. You’ll need: Freezer paper (also known as butcher’s paper – it has a waxy feel to one side) X-Acto knife […] Read more…


Something Simple

| Apparel, Techniques

Instead of sewing something today for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, I decided to just embellish.  That’s actually a very dangerous word.  Too often people go overboard with embellishing.  That said, I hope you don’t think these are too much. A little tiger shirt for my son.  I borrowed the graphic from his school – […] Read more…

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Silk Screening

| Techniques

I tried my hand at some silk screening.  I used this kit from Dharma Trading Co. and my son’s drawing of a monster for the image since I already had it on a transparency from another project.  It was a lot of fun and pretty simple.  It was a bit messy though, and since it […] Read more…


Pink Clematis

| Techniques

It’s been a long time since I’ve done watercolor, but I always found it relaxing.  Here’s some pink clematis in watercolor I did.  It’s on a watercolor canvas I found at Michaels.  I’ve never used one before, but it’s nice in that the paper doesn’t warp if it gets too wet, but the colors don’t […] Read more…

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